Friday, 17 August 2012

Kitchen Experiment #8: Shrimp Scampi

What can you cook on a Thursday night when the fridge is almost empty ? With a few ingredients left in the fridge, an almost empty cupboard, and an ounce of energy left after a long day at work, I had to dig deep to come up with a quick dish for my hungry boys. Without much thinking, Shrimp Scampi it is !


I sautéed lots of chopped garlic in olive oil then added the canned diced tomatoes.

I poured in some white wine then tossed the frozen shrimps in...not to forget is a generous sprinkling of freshly cracked tri-colored pepper, salt and a dab of butter. If I had uncooked shrimps, I would've seared them to perfection but it is what it is.

Finished off the sauce with some spinach ...

Finally, I tossed the sauce into the cooked spaghettini to conclude this humble undertaking.

Dinner for 4 hungry boys is served...


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