About Me

I am a wife, working Mom and foodie at heart. Every single day is an adventure in my hectic life working full time and raising three kids sans the domestic staff I am used to. Much as I want to cook from scratch and whip up gourmet meals every time, the reality is that I have to juggle my time between working, cleaning, laundry, homework assistance, reading books for work, studying for certifications, and cooking.

Many times I am tempted to reach out for frozen pizza but some days I surprisingly muster enough energy to instead grab a cookbook and an apron and start experimenting on a dish or two to better satisfy my family. I remind myself about the importance of family meal times and how I should devote some effort into making it a little bit more eventful by providing dishes that serve as the perfect backdrop (whether successful or not) for our little family conversations.

The kitchen has always been one of my favorite parts of the house -- it is my little laboratory where I play Einstein and experiment on dishes and concoctions. This blog is a collection of my unscientific cooking experiments aimed at getting a unanimous vote of approval from my husband and three boys.

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